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Image by Jason Leung


Playbright runs for two consecutive weeks in August (7-11th and 14-18th, 2023). Playbright participants will have the option to have their playlets performed in a closed staged reading in the evening on the last day of the program.

Image by Brian McGowan


There is no cost associated with Playbright, meaning that the program is free for all participants. However, the program only has the capacity for 8 participants in 2023. Potential participants have been asked to submit an application form. In the event that we receive more than 8 applicants, participants will be selected based on their applications. All of our program costs are covered by a Partnership Engagement Grant provided by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Image by Dan Dimmock


Creative methods like playwriting have been shown to be the most effective (and fun!) when engaging in youth research. Throughout the program, group discussion sessions will be audio-recorded and anonymized (meaning your child's name and all potentially identifying information will be removed). Additionally, your child will also be asked to share some of their playwriting with us (which will also be anonymized). 
Playbright has been designed to engage participants in exploring their experiences with embodiment through playwriting. After Playbright is over, the research team will combine and analyze all the anonymized data to help garner a better understanding of how LGBTQ2S+ youth experience and express their embodiment, as well as explore the potential of playwriting as a methodology.

Image by Wesley Pribadi


Throughout the program, Playbright will abide by and reinforce all Covid-19 safety protocols as required by the Quebec and Canadian governments.

Image by Álvaro Serrano


Once your child has submitted an application form, you and your child will be contacted via email to schedule a Zoom meeting with the Dr. Shannon Herrick (co-principal investigator and co-facilitator of Playbright). During this meeting, Shannon will go over the program details, the consent and assent forms, explain how research is integrated throughout the program, and answer any of your questions. To confirm your child's participation, you and your child will be asked to provide your written consent and assent, respectively, before July 10th, 2023. Consent and assent forms will be provided before and after the meeting for you and your child to review.

Image by Paola Franco


Email Shannon at with the subject line "Playbright" and they'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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